Whip-It 4x4                      Whip-It 3x3                        Whip-It keychain 3x3          

1. Mini Whip-It (3x3)                                                    2. Whip-it (4x4) with Led lamp

1. The Varikon Puzzle          2. Varikon Mini Keychain          3. Mini Whip-It

The Babylon Tower puzzle by Andre Pap (1982            2. Mini Babylon Tower Keychain

produced by Arxon

1. Ten Billion Barrel puzzle     2. Puzzle Tower (6x)      3. Twisty puzzle

    produced by Nintendo                                                          

    designed by Gunpei Yokoi                                                    


1 Whip-It Ball

1 The Touch Down puzzle produced by K & T Toys, Inc. (2004)

De Cijfer Corn puzzle I bought this puzzle by the Bruna

1. Puzzle pen                   2. The Kalenderpuzzle

1/2 The missing Link puzzle                                            3. The Missing Link Keychain

      Inventor S. Hanson / J.Bresow patented 1981

1. Leesho puzzle (patented 2004 Servie) produced by SZR LAJT

    Designed by Zoran Lišančić ?

1. Sudoku Tubie puzzle.

    The Sudoku is solved when each row and each frame contains the numbers 1 to 6

The Varikon 3x3x3 has a transparent box, containing 26 cubes and a space, so that the cubes can slide around. The face centres are fixed onto the central cube, so that there are only 19 moving cubes, arranged along the corners and edges of the box. The Varikon Box was invented by Csaba Postasy, Gabor Eszes, and Miklos Zagoni.

The Varikon Box 2×2×2 puzzle, this is a 2×2×2 sliding cube puzzle. The transparent box contains 7 cubes and a space for sliding around. The Varikon Box was invented by Csaba Postasy, Gabor Eszes, and Miklos Zagoni.


The Minus Cube is a Russian version of the Varikon puzzle with a different colour scheme. Its 7 cubes are identical, all having three white faces (of which two are opposite each other) and three blew faces.

1. Equal Seven puzzle (puzzle with 4 levels)

    (Produced by Recent Toys) invented by Dimitri Krasnoukhov


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