1. Witeden magic camouflage cube

1. MoZhi Heart Linked Lock Magic Cube 

1. Mozhi cube Mars Fort Magic cube

Windmill puzzle

Green glow in the dark maze cube

Bolygok puzzle

1. The Bolygok puzzle, which means Planets in Hungarian. This puzzle was invented and patented by Jozsef Bognar, and patented in Hungary 26 August 1980 (Politoys 1982)

2. Kabalabda puzzle (ball inside a ball)

1. The Bolygok puzzle (Planets puzzle produced by Politoys 1982)

1. Christoph's Magic Jewel, 


I ordered this puzzle in april 1996 by Christoph Bandelow, a set of extra stickers

was included.

Smaz puzzle

1. Smaz Dino Cylinder black and White

1. Meffert's Gear Puzzle I

1.Diansheng Moren White Rhomboid Shape / Prism

   Designed by John Lin

1. Lanlan Magic Cube produced by LanLan

    (Lanlan Edge Only Hollow Cube)

1. Magic Dodecahedron                                                     2. Rubik's Revenge (4x4)

   (Ordered by Christoph Bandelow 1996)

1. QJ Megaminx

1. The Super Square 2 (QJ Magic Cube)

1. The Supper Floppy cube (The puzzle is shape shifting)

    It looks like a 1x1x3 Rubik's cube, but it's different. By the Super Floppy Cube

    you can rotate the edges 90 degrees to create other interesting shapes.

    Designed by Katsuhiko Okamoto

1. Rubik's Floppy (3x3x1)      

1. Rubik's Floppy (3x3x1)              2. Gold Mirror Cube

Rubik's Mirror Blocks (aka Bump Cube) designed by Hidetoshi Takeji. 

IPP 2006 Design Competition The solution is not by color but by shape


1. Rubik's Cross Puzzle      2. Darth Maul head Puzzle     3. Rubik's Slide

                                           patented by Thomas Kremer (2001)

1.   Rubik's Tower 2x2x4 designer Hidestoshi Takeji

1. The Void Cube

1. Professor's Cube (5x5)              2. Rubik's Cube                          3. The Pocket Cube (2x2)

1. Square One                     2. The Diamond Cube         3. The Barrel / Octagon

   by Dr. Vojtech Kopsky                                                   De Peperbus (Dutch)

1. The Pillow Cube               2. Instant Insanity                3. The Circus Puzzle

1. Pocket Cube (2x2)          2. Pocket Cube (2x2) I bought this one on Terschelling

    (Batman)                           (The Netherlands)

1. The Mystic IQ ball             2. The Wisdom Ball               3. Massage Ball

    by (Tsun Ding Chen)            patented by Yang                  Otto Wu (patented 1995)  

    (patented 1998)                   Yu-Hsun (1993)

1. Rainbow Masterbal            2. Masterbal of the WNF

    by Geza Gyovai

    (patented 989)

1. The Hungarian Globe          2. The Orb-it                      3. The impossiball (Meffert)

    Ferenc Molnar (1982)                                                     O.W. Gufstafson (1984)

1. Mickey's Challenge                                                   3. Creative Puzzle Ball

1. Andy Bear Skewb Ball

1.  K8 Masterball                 2.  Masterball for blind         3. Rubik's Rabbits

                                              (with Braille dots)

K8 Masterball Swirls design 2x2x2 twisty type of puzzle with 1586 possible combinations

K8 Masterball K-Brain 2x2x2 twisty puzzle with 1586 possible combinations.

1. The Pyraminx                  2. Master Pyramorphinx       3. Pyramorphinx

                                             designed by T. Fisher

Skewb / Kubus

1. Skewb                              2. The Diamond Cube

Rubik's Slang

Rubik's Domino / Kubus / Rubik's maze

1. Rubik's Domino puzzle       2. Spotted Cube             3. Rubik's Maze

   (Rommelmarkt Rijnhal)                                              Jozsef Bognar and Ernö Rubik 1982

1. Rubik's Magic Domino      2. Rolling Cubes Puzzle

   patented by Ernö Rubik        invented by John Harris


The Brain Ball / Enigma puzzle (KNKV)

1. The Brain Ball                  2. The Enigma puzzle          3. Rubik's Dice

    patented by A. Unsicker       (KNKV)                              patented by Jozsef Bognar

                                                                                      and Ernö Rubik 1990

1. Triple Cross puzzle          2. Port to Port puzzle gekregen van

    (Binary Art)                        Ferdinand Lammertink (de ontwerper)

1. Rubik's Clock, both sites have to be solved.    

1. Tripod                           2/3 Tripod Advertising "Centrum" Vitamines and Minerals

The Octo Puzzle / Disco Puzzle

The Octo puzzle was released in the UK in a packaging showing the magician Paul Daniels.

This puzzle is produced in Indonesia

The Ufo or Varia-Disk (produced in Hungary) The puzzle has 8 coloures.

The puzzle was invented by Imre Peredy, patented 31 March 1983


The puzzle turns smoothlier than the Tricky Disk

Tricky Disk

1. Tricky Disky                       2. Triple Disky 

The Hockey Puck Puzzle

1.  De Hockey Puck puzzle (advertising puzzles, Mc Donalds and Vredestein)  

    I got the second puzzle of my father, he was employee by Vredestein.

1. The Hockey Puck Puzzel the back and the front

Dino Star / The Ufo / Roundy 3

1/2. Dino Star                          3. The Ufo patented by 

                                               Wai K. Chan (1997-5)            

1. Roundy Three

    patented by F. Gruber

1. Kaos puzzle

Rubik's Magic

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