1 The Runaway puzzle designed by Minoru Abe.   2. Starting position and ending position

1. The H-Slide puzzle 

    There are 10 challenges enclosed

This is the Butterfly puzzle, designed by Diniar Namdarian

1. The Sliding Arrow Through the Bottle Puzzle" designed by Serhiy Grabarchuk

    Beginning and finish position

1. The Card Symbol puzzle (designee Grabarchuk) produced by Taquinze

2. The Checkmate puzzle (produced by Taquinze)

The Twin puzzle designed by Ton Delsing


The puzzle contains 6 sliding blocks and a fixed blockage in the middle

1. The Stars puzzle designed by Ton Delsing (2011)


    3 problems to solve on the backside

1. The "I Love Puzzle" a design by Ton Delsing for the IPP31 in Berlin, there is a blockage between

    the letter L and U. You can put the six blocks on 359 ways in the box and there's always a



    A very nice puzzle !!


1.  Jam Puzzle "Rectangular"

    Starting position (difficulty 3) Produced by Philos Spiele designed by Hirakazu Iwasawa.

    The aim of the game: The dark piece must be led to the opening under in the playfield.

    This shall include both the dark and the other playing pieces are moved on the field.


    (None of the pieces may be raised or resting on the frame or other piece)

1.  Jam Puzzle "Hexangular"

    Starting position (difficulty 2) Produced by Philos Spiele designed by Hirakazu Iwasawa.

1. Jam Puzzle " Pentangle"

    Starting position (difficulty 3) Produced by Philos Spiele designed by Hirakazu Iwasawa.

1. Jam Puzzle "Triangular"

   Starting position (difficulty 1) produced by Philos Spiele designed by Hirakazu Iwasawa.

1. Mushroom Mountain puzzle produced by Hanayama's


1. Time Puzzle (starting postion)(Vol. 514 by Lowe) made about 1940

    The object of this game is to change the positions of the movable blocks in the lowest number

    of moves. Slide the blockes from I till XXII. The black blocks are blocked.

1. Lowe's "15" produced by E.S. Lowe Company (New York)

    On the front is one solution at the back another 8 solutions,

    the last solution is impossible. (produced in approximately 1940)

1. The L'il Abner picto puzzle is one of a serie of image puzzles produced (1950) by Plastrix Co.

    (Brooklyn, New York).

1. The very famous "Rate your mind Pal" puzzle         2. Letter puzzle (1960?)

    Produced by Plastrix Co about the 1940's                  Produced by Archer Plastics N.Y.C.

1. Another "Rate Your Mind Puzzle" there are many solutions on the back of the box, but one

    solution is missing. A smart Chinese copy "made in Hong Kong" (1950)

1. The slider-Spot puzzle designed by Hans Janmaat.

    A very blocked puzzle !! Something is forgotten !!

The Tri-Trick puzzle made by Hidden One Design Ltd (2009)

1. Palette Cut 2 puzzle designed by Douglas A Engel

    (Palette Puzzle Systems) design 2007

1. Up & Down puzzle produced by Siebenstein Spiele

    You can slide the 8 squares and you can move the frame up and down.

    Aim: Try to get all the digitis in the right position, see the solution at the paper.

    Difficult grade (1-7) 7


2. The Only 8 puzzle (Nur 8) designed by Jean Claude Constantin and produced by

    Siebenstein Difficult Level (1-7) 7

Schiebung puzzle difficult level 3 (in a scale of 1 till 7)


The Schiebung puzzle is a variant of the "Nine man in a Trench" puzzle. The difference with the Nine man in a Trench puzzle is that the Schiebung puzzle has a double sliding piece.

Vintage 1940s DELUXE PUZZLE CHEST 3005

1. Sam Loyd 15-14 puzzle cracked ?

    Designed by Ton Delsing for the International Puzzle Party 26 Prague 2008

1. Starting position Slide-9    


   This puzzle is made by Gerard Becker and designed by Minoru Abe (1999)

   It takes 44 moves to solve this puzzle.


1. Tricky Puzzle designed by Minoru Abe 2008

    I exchanged this puzzle with Joke Becker, a wonderfull puzzle made by Gerard Becker and

    designed by Minoru Abe 2008


   The numbers 4, 3, 2 and 1 has to change in 1, 2, 3 and 4. Tricky !!

1. The Suttle's Shuffle puzzle, extra difficult because every peace has it's own place.

1. Hole in one puzzle

    designed by Serhiy Grabarchuk

1. IPP 19 Sliding puzzle (designed by Rudolfo Kurchan)

    Aim: Switch the Red and Blue pieces from place

            It can be done in 26 moves

1. The Chicken Shuffle puzzle produced by SmartGames and designed by Raf Peeters.


Slide the puzzle tiles around until each and every egg is covered by a chicken nesting on it.

There are 48 different cards, it starts easy and ends difficult.


"Four degrees" Starter / Junior / Expert / Master

1. Leolei puzzle produced by Haba (starting position)

   A puzzle made up of parts to shuffle around (desighned by Sam Cornwell) The task is to begin

   at the starting position and to shuffle all the parts around in such a way that you end up with a

   complete pair of paws for the lion.

1. The Zwirbel puzzle starting en ending position.

    The starting position and ending position is the same as the "Line up the Quinties" puzzle

1. Mirror Puzzle

    On both side is a sliding block puzzle, the image in the foreground seems mirrored

1/2. Broken Heart Puzzle                                                  3. Broken Heart Puzzle (mini)


       On the back "repair the Broken Heart" you can do it in 32 moves

       Taquinze (Hans Janmaat)

1. Zebra Crossing Puzzle (The solution is standing at the back of the puzzle)

    (Taquinze, Hans Janmaat)

1. Slider-Spot puzzle, slide the dot into the Circle

    Made by Taquinze designed by Hans Janmaat.

1.  The Slide Master "Battle the Space Aliens"  a two-level slide puzzle.

     Solve the bottom layer and put the Space Aliens in place (Top Layer)

     (Produced by University Games invented by Dan Gilbert)

The Mind Lock puzzle (designed by Markus Peatling)

This puzzle is about 50 years old, on the back site stands what the aim of the puzzle is. 

There is more than one solution possible. This puzzle comes from Italy.


The aim is to let Donald Duck score in the goal of Pluto (down site)


On the right site is the same sliding puzzle in a modern twist. (By Jumbo)

1. The Brain Puzzel (Mag-Nif)                                             

    This handsome puzzle requires 170 programmed                 

    moves top place all the rods in the out position

1. Switch-It puzzle                                                             2. Logi Toli Puzzle

"The Work or Golf puzzle" of (Binary Arts) change the word work into golf.


1. The Tick Tack Puzzle         2. Tuk Tak puzzle designed by Vladimir Krasnoukhov


The puzzles are produced in Russia.

Tatalising 7 Puzzle manufactured by Peter Pan (England)

Sliding block puzzle with on one site the solvable version of the 14/15 puzzle and

on the other site the variant of Sam Loyd which is unsolvable. Block 14 and 15

are changed from place.

The front and back of this 14/15 sliding puzzle can be solved

DDR Schiebefax puzzle (1970)

The 14/15 Sliding puzzle (Russian Version)

Russian Sliding puzzle with different options by turning de wheels.

1. Magic Square (15)            2. One solution of the Magic Square.

   (with half)


   Produced by Taquinze designed by Hans Janmaat

1. The Nine O clock puzzel. As well horizontal as vertikal as diagonal 9 o clock.


2 Magic Square (21)  As well horizontal as vertikal as diagonal 21


   After puzzling in Excel I finally found a solution of the Magic Square (21)

   When I tried my solution, it didn't work out for the Sliding Block puzzle "Magic Square (21)"

   But ofcourse when I exchanged number 1 on the first row with number 1 on the second row

   it worked out !!


   In this puzzle number 2 in the right lower corner is a fixed position


   I received a solution of the Magic Square (21)

   Between the red lines are the numbers 1 through 6 only one time

1. The Alphabet puzzle, Put the letters of the alphabet in order. (Jacktar games)

    And again the unsolvable version of the 14/15 puzzle of Sam Loyd


2.  The Nine puzzle (15)

1. Word puzzle, make the longest possible word, the letter "H" is on the right spot.


(Maybe you should drink before you solve this puzzle)

1. A Magic Square puzzle with the total of 30

    the answer is standing on the back.......... or not.......


2. On the back of the puzzle is the unsolvable 14/15 puzzle in disguise

    When you reflect the numbers, you will find a good solution !


3. Yes there is a solution !!!


1.      The Mystic IQ ball designed by Tsun Ding Chen (patented 1998)

2.      The Massage Ball desgned by Otto Wu (patented 1995)

3.      The Hungarian Globe designed by Ferenc Molnar (1982)

4/5    Rubik's Delta Ball or Brainracker designed by Jorn Wittevrongel

6-8    The Orb-It invented by Christopher C. Wiggs & Christopher J. Taylor (patent 1982)

9.      The Wisdom Ball by Tsun Ding Chen (patented 1998)

10.    The Equator puzzle

11-13 Logi VIP Kugel was invented by Hubert Petutschnig (patented 11 june 1981) made by


14.    The Impossible puzzle

1. The SmartPhone puzzle

    designed by Raf Peeters made by SmartGames

    There are 32 jobs to solve.

Sliding block puzzle with images of M.C. Escher

If you don't know anymore, the solution is standing on the back of the puzzle.

Sliding block puzzle with images of M.C. Escher (1939)

Very nice sliding block puzzles with images of M.C. Escher

1. Rack 'em up puzzle produced by Tomy Corp. in 1987

Rack em Up puzzle produced by Z Games (licensed by Tomy Corp.)

The Saturn Puzzle (24 kleuren, by LD Games)

Invented by Ludo Arthur Marie Jules DeBergh

(patented 1996)

1. The Uriblock (Mix Box)         2/3 The Tsukuda's Square         4. The Planet puzzle made

   (by Dario Uri ong. 1985)              invented by Toshihisa Suga    (by Oskar van Deventer)                                                         (1983)                                  by Recent Toys International

1. Cmetrick Too patented by Dror Rom (2004)                  2. Cmetrick patented by

    The puzzle has been solved when all white sites                Dror Rom 2004

    are inside. 

1. The Gerdig Ufo

    The Ufo was invented by Gerhard Huncaga, patent on 6 December 1994 and a German

    patent DE 4106896 granted on 5 March 1991.

1. Back and Front of the Rubik's Clock                           2. The Enigma puzzle

                                                                                      designed by Roman Massimiliano

1. De Sun Beam puzzle,  Bring the Sun up in the air. When you don't know anymore, there is an

    exit to re-arrange the sliding blocks


1. De Mintman puzzle (1982) by Kelrack Ltd.

1. The Capsule Puzzle, Slide the Capsule tot the lower left hand corner

    The name of the puzzle is "Stranded in Space" puzzle Can you rescue the astronaut ?

    Produced by Peter Pan Playing things (1950's London)

1. The Chinese puzzle           2. De Harlekijn puzzle          3. The Adam and Eve puzzle 

                                              (produced by Haba)             IPP 17 Exchange 

                                              (after Ma's Puzzle)               San Francisco (56 moves)

                                                                                       design. by Nob Yoshigahara

1. This is the Twisting Rings Puzzle, this is a sliding block puzzle with twisty edges     

    (By Dov Nesis /Eureka)

2. The Flipside (by Ferdinand Lammertink geproduceerd bij Thinkfun)

3. The Swissmad puzzle, Invented by Olivier Pahud, and patented 2005

1. IQ Puzzle. Every image one time horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Like a Sudocu but different. 

2. Sliding block puzzle " Tut Anch Amun gekocht in Apeldoorn"  

3. Two puzzles in one, a sliding block puzzle and a Magic square (sum 15)

1. Difficult puzzle to solve because of all the edges

1. Olympic Games sliding     2.  Sliding block puzzle of the 

    block puzzle                         introduction of the Euro 

1. Peter's Black Hole              2. Iqube

I exchanged this Sponge Bob Sliding block puzzle with Joke Becker, very nice to have a  neighbour with the same hobby. Promotion material of the Burger King (2004)

Sherman's head puzzle an action of the McDonalds, the system is comparable with the Sponge Bob Sliding puzzle. (2014)

1. 7-Up sliding Can puzzles    2. Pepsi sliding Can puzzle    3. Sliding puzzle Star Trek

1. Triple Cross puzzle             2. Port to Port puzzle           3. Spinout puzzle                                                                                                                             U.S. Patent - W. Keister 1972.


   The Port to Port puzzle I got this puzzle from

   Ferdinand Lammertink the designer. (patented 1996)

   Produced by Binary Arts

1. Gripple by Murray J. Gould

    Patented 1988

2.  Zauberkreuz / Magic Cross This puzzle was sold on the 125th anniversary of the Red

    Cross (i.e. 1988) It was invented by Athanasios Margaritis, patented 1988.


    "In dem Kaufpreis ist eine Spende fur dat Rote Kreuz enthalen"

A variety of normal sliding block puzzles

3D Sliding puzzle

1. 3D sliding puzzle (3x3)      2. 3D sliding puzzle (3X3)    3. 3D sliding puzzel (3x3)

    Praying Mantis                      Space Alien                        Moon and Earth

1. 3D Sliding puzzle Sun/Moon

1. 3D Sliding puzzle             2. 3D Sliding puzzle           3. 3D Sliding Puzzle Sun and Moon

    The Kiss / Rodin

1. Sliding puzzle Vredestein

1. The Zox puzzle

The purpose is to remove the middle block of the sun and

by sliding the core back to the middle. This can be done

in 31 moves, the Z and the X has to be on the same place.

1. Magic Disk

1. Puzzle Tower (6x6)            2. The Trillion puzzle 1982  

1. Crossteaser                      2. Virus II puzzle (Dov Nesis)   3. Pakovalex puzzle

                                                                                            (produced in Tjechie) 

1. Rubik's Fifteen patented by Erno Rubik (1984)                 2 Rubik's Shell

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