The Mini Geranium Puzzle produced by VeryPuzzle

Hexagon Flat Magic puzzle produced by VeryPuzzle

This Rubik's Rings version has 34 balls of three colours (1999)

Rudenko's Disk (invented by Valery Rudenko)

Telefonchik puzzle

1. Fill The Circle puzzle (also known as Telefonchik puzzle. The puzzle is the successor of the Festival Flower puzzle and is produced in 1987 in Russia. The puzzle consists of three layers. Every layer has six holes and place for 2 balls in the top of the puzzle. The puzzle contains 3 colours and every color has 6 balls

Olympic Ring Puzzle

Hungarian Puzzle, The Olympic Rings Puzzle

Sliding Circles

Hungarian Turnstile puzzle produced by Mandorla in Hungary

The Geranium Puzzle (produced by VeryPuzzle in China)

1. The Rotascope puzzle produced by Pentangle (1979) with black Logo

    On the package stands "Not as Easy as the Cube !"

    The Rotascope was invented by Raoul Raba

1. The rotascope puzzle (exchange 3th june 2011)

    (Patented by Raoul Raba copyright by Pentangle, England 1977)


    Yes !! I solved the Rotascope puzzle (15 july) Very, very nice puzzle !!

1. The Mad Triad puzzle produced by Playroom Entertainment 

    The Mad Triad was invented by Heng-Chun Ku,

The Great Gears Puzzle


The puzzle was patented by Koichi Minami and Tohru Nishimiya on 28 August 1984

Great Gears is a puzzle manufactured by Tomy

Double Disk puzzle produced by Hog Wild, LLC and invented by Sergej Abramenkov

The Turnstile puzzle designed by Douglas A. Engel produced by Binary Art

1. Arusloky puzzle (I bought it on 29-10-2010)

    This version of the Cohan Circle is produced by Arusloky (Spain)

    Designed by Hooshang Cohan (patented in 1986)

2. The Kangaroo puzzle

3. The Avenger puzzle (produced by General Symetrics, Inc. Englewood) 1986


    The same puzzle with other patterns:

    The Novice, Engel's Island, Equalizer, Flasher, Avenger, Schizzo, Streaker and the Engel'


The Streaker puzzle (Challenger) 1981

This puzzle was one of a series invented by Doug Engel in the early 80's. The puzzle was  

produced as a prototype by him before the mass-produced designs came out.



1. Rotos Puzzle

    Puzzle with two turning circles. On one site are colours, on the other site are numbers. 

    This puzzle was produced by IC in East Germany in the early eighties and invented

    by Manfred Fritsche, and patented on 4 June 1986,

The three variants of the Rashkey puzzle, a very nice puzzle for hours of playing fun !!!! The Rashkey was invented by Oleg Raschkov in 1999 and produced in Germany


1. The Trio Puzzle, just solved if both sides are solved.

The Enigma Puzzle (advertising puzzle of the Korfbal sport)

designed by Roman Massimiliano

The Enigma Puzzle (advertising puzzle of football club FC TWENTE)

designed by Roman Massimiliano


FC Twente is the local proud of the region Twente

1. The Circle Puzzle with on the back site 2 solutions.      2. The Whirligig puzzle

                                                                                      Exchanged with Joke Becker.

1. Moeraki Puzzle

    Moeraki Games is a series of 2D-games invented by Kasimir Landowski. (2008)

    Nr. 4 shown here consists of three intersecting rings. The puzzle is named after large

    rounded stones that can be found in New Zealand.

Moeraki 3

Moeraki Games is a series of 2D-games invented by Kasimir Landowski. (2008)

and produced by Casland Games. The puzzle is named after large rounded 

stones that can be found in New Zealand.

1. The Butterfly puzzle      2. The Trio puzzle (version 2) produced by Cleverwoods

    by Constantin 

2. Hungarian Ring                   3. Variant Hungarian Ring

    by Andre Pap (1983)               The Magic 8 puzzle

1. The Magic 8 Puzzle (advertising puzzle of "Flughafen Stuttgart"

    (Airport Stuttgart)

1. Topspin (F. Lammertink)  2. Billiards 9 Ball puzzle       3. Satur Puzzle (24 colours by LD games)

    Prod. by Thinkfun              by Joshua Frankel (1988)      Invented by Ludo Arthur Marie 

                                                                                      Jules DeBergh (patented 1996) 

1. Billiards 9 Ball puzzle

    by Joshua Frankel (1988)

    produced by Binary Art

Some samples of the Turn Push puzzel.    (Designed by Serguei and Alexandre Bagdassarian)

The turning of the circles are very difficult.

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