Magic Square (15)

1. Magic Square (Total = 15 )

After a hint of an other puzzle collector, I removed the green labels on the cover.


Albrecht Dürer introduced the Magic Square in 1514 in one of his paintings "Melancolia I".

The aim is that the sum of the numbers in every row, column and diagonal are the same.

In this puzzle the sum in every row, column and diagonal is 15.


The estimated age of the puzzle is between 1925 and 1935, given the old spelling and the formatting of the cover. Perry distributed games from different producers. The puzzles were provided with new labels and playing rules.

Magic Square (30)

1. Magic Square (30)                                                3. One solution of the magic square

    The answer is standing on the back......... or not.....


2.  The answer on the back of the puzzle isn't solvable, when you mirror the image it will work out.

Magic Square (34)

1. Solisto 15/16 Bothl a sliding block puzzle as a Magique Square (34)

    Produced by Jumbo (1973)

Magic Square (21)

1 Magic Square (21)  As well horizontal as vertikal as diagonal 21


   After puzzling in Excel I finally found a solution of the Magic Square (21)

   When I tried my solution, it didn't work out for the Sliding Block puzzle "Magic Square (21)"

   But of course when I exchanged number 1 on the first row with number 1 on the second row

   it worked out !!


   In this puzzle number 2 in the right lower corner is a fixed position

Sliding block puzzle "Nine o clock puzzle"

2. The Nine o clock puzzle

Magic Square (15) 4x4

1. Magic Square (15)          2. A solution of the Magic Square (15)

Magic Square (15) 3x3

Magic squares (with images)

1. Leapin Lizards Nature Puzzle (produced by Lagoon Puzzles) 9 tiles

    Place the 9 tiles together so that they make up a 3x3 square

1. Cosmos optical illusion puzzle (Professor McBrainy's Zany) 16 tiles

    Place the 16 tiles together so that they make up a large 4x4 square. 

    (produced by Lagoon Puzzles)

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