1/2 De Hockey Puck Puzzle of the Mc Donalds and of Vredestein

      The Mc Donalds puzzel is simple to solve, the puzzle of Vredestein puzzle is very difficult.

3     Sliding puzzle of Vredestein

1. On the card is standing "Goochelkunt '59 Enschede"

    It's an advertising puzzle of Bols, untie the bottle Bols

    from the card

1.  Turn Push puzzles, nice puzzle but unfortunately is turning and pushing a problem.

1. The Maze puzzle                                                           3. Advertising Tripod "Centrum"

The Eniga puzzle of the K.N.K.V.

(Koninklijke Nederlandse Korfbal Vereniging)

1.  Duivelse knoop (Audi)      2. Fiat Satelliet puzzel             3. The T-Puzze (Toyota)  

1. Folding puzzle Heineken      2. Tangram Dommels beer     3. Tangram HP Invest

1. Trixy puzzel                    2. Tangram MMS                     3. Kubus Apple

4. Touw kaart puzzel           5. Touw Kaart puzzle               6. Cijfer puzzel NCRV

1. Tower of Hanoi                  2. Construction ball                3. 3D Creative Puzzle Ball

De Cup a Soup serie aan puzzels inclusief verzameldoos.

Er zijn totaal 9 puzzels, er ontbreekt 1 puzzel "de toren van Hanoi"

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