1.  Pyramyd Puzzle

1. The Pyramid puzzle (produced by Pussy Germany)

1. Het inpakprobleem van    2. The Mystery box 

    Conway, deze puzzel          Passen alle blokjes nog in het

    heeft maar 1 oplossing.      doosje als je ze eruit gooit ?


De Soma kubus, geruild met Joke Becker, nog even dubbelen

uitwisselen vlak voor de N.K.C. dag. (Nederlandse Kubus Club)

The Magellan Puzzle, there is a hollow space in the puzzle

of 2x2x2 designed by Georg Pfaffinger produced by Philos

T Teufelei Puzzle (Van Haba)

Puzzle of Abraxis with 12 pentomino's and 1 tetrablok

Mini Bedlam Cube Platinum with 12 pentomino's and 1 tetrablok

A variety on the packing problem of Conway

The Kubus Pyramide of Constantin, the puzzle consists of 3 parts


I got this one on the Dutch Cube Day

Make a cube.

The Bermuda Triangle of Adrian Fisher produced by Pentangle

This is one puzzle of a serie of 6 packing problems.

There are different degrees of difficulty.

The hardest is " Perfect White" Icredibly Hard

The Tetris Cube

Designed by Matt Campbell,

produced in 2007 by tetris.com

9839 solutions

1. I can remember this puzzle from the waitingroom of the dentist.

   On the site is a little poem 

   I found this one on the Jumble sale in the Rijnhal Arnhem.   

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