Van Gogh (Lost Art)


To solve the puzzle and find the "Lost Art" correctly arrange the 10 blocks within the picture frame to complete the masterpiece. There is only one solution.


Designed by Dan Gilbert produced by University Games

1. Suits puzzle produced by Taquinze (Hans Janmaat) TA15


Very nice puzzle, the aim is to fit in the card symbols in the puzzle



Taquinze Puzzle

The Batee Baseball puzzle, 12 pieces, produced by Plas-Trix co.


Try to form a perfect baseball

The Endless Chainpuzzle

1. The Endless Chain puzzle made in Hong Kong circa 1950-1960's it contains 12 pieces to form an

    endless chain. A smart Chinese copy !!! Not exactly the original but also nice.

1. This is the Hercules puzzle, the original puzzle is designed by Jean Claude Constantin. It was an exchange puzzle at the 22nd IPP in 2002. This copy of the puzzle is produced by Taquinze. The puzzle contains 5 identical pieces. The puzzle isn't very difficult, it takes a few minutes.

Fitt in problem
Fitt in problem

1. Fitt-In problem

    Very nice puzzle

I like cheese puzzle

1. The cheese/mouse puzzle The puzzle is designed and made by Dr. Vladimir Krasnoukhov

    Aim: Fit in the mouse in the cheese


    Very nice puzzle with a unexpected solution


J & B Puzzle

1. The J & B Puzzle

1. Procructes puzzle (designed by V. Krasnoukhov 2011)

Square puzzle

I exchanged this puzzle with Joke Becker, a wonderfull puzzle made by Gerard Becker  

A very nice puzzle, the small square has to be rearranged with the other 4 parts into the given frame in a way that all 5 parts form a bigger square.

Magic Square (Philos)

1. Magic Square (difficult rating 5 on a scale of 12) (Philos)

   The small square has to be rearranged with the other 5 parts into the given frame in a way that

   all 6 parts form a bigger square.

Jihii's break

1. Jihii's Break

    There are 5 pieces and totally 9 solution's of the puzzle

    The aim is to cover all holes with the pieces.

Letter puzzles

1. The "A" Puzzle  (** stars = Difficult)                               2. The "F" puzzle (*** stars)

1. The "H" puzzle (** stars)   2. The "T" puzzle (**** stars)      


*   Easy **    Difficult   ***   Unbelievable   **** Genius


    Goal: Fit in the 4th Letter

Gitter puzzle / Grate puzzle

1. The Grate puzzle

The Bermuda Puzzle

1. The Bermuda Puzzle  Aim: Fit in the 15 pieces and let the ship sink.

De 4 T's puzzel

Throw the four T's on the table, turn the box and try to fit them in.

De staaf puzzel

Throw the pieces on the table and try to fit in the pieces in the other site

of the box This space is much smaller. The solution is very surprising. 


It is possible !!

Eight L Plus puzzel

1. The Eight L Plus puzzel


Edward Hordern IPP Puzzle Exchange - Praque, Czech Republic, August 2008

presented by Diniar Namdarian. Made by Václav Obšívac at Vin & Co.

Designed by Stanislav Knot 

Square off

1. The Square Off puzzle, put the 9 pieces in the box

Magnetic Magic Ball

Tetrix Ball 8 (16 pieces) by Mefferts

Very nice puzzle with 4 solution's

A puzzle by Frits Gobel (his own design)


1. Star of David Puzzle,          2. Is this puzzle also a design                        

   (made by Peri)                       made by Peri ?

Tenyo "beat the computer"

1. Beat the Comp No 6.        2. Beat the Computer No 22      3. Beat the computer no 5.

Pla Puzzle No 24                     Beat the Comp. No 8             Beat the Comp. No 0

Allen van Tenyo Co. LTD

1. Beat the Comp 6              2. Beat the Comp. No 8        3. Beat the Comp No 0

1. The Pla puzzle No 783         2. Beat the Comp. No 5

1. Beat the Comp No 800       2. The Pla puzzle No 783.       3. Beat the computer no 6.

1. Tangram 2 puzzle (produced by Pussy)

1. Lucky Legespiel                                          

1. Pentomino's naar Prof. Dr. Solomon (U.S.A.)

1. Galt Puzzle Blocks

1. IQ puzzle, there are             2. IQ puzzle                        3. Pentomino puzzle

    10 solutions

 2 Pentomino puzzles

 1. Wit's End by Lowe 1967   2. The Sardine Can puzzle

     a set of tetracubes 

1. The Chesspuzzle               2. The four T puzzle, unfortunately the solution

                                               is visible by effects of the sun

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