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Jam Puzzle Pentangular
Jam Puzzle Pentangular

Jam Puzzle Pentangular


Produced by Philos Spiele designed by Hirakazu Iwasawa.

The aim of the game: The dark piece must be led to the opening under in the playfield. 

(difficulty 3)


(None of the pieces may be raised or resting on the frame or other piece)


Rotos puzzle
Rotos puzzle

The Rotos Puzzle (1)


Puzzle with two turning circles. On one site are colours, on the other site are numbers. This puzzle was produced by IC (Germany) in the early eighties and invedted by Manfred Fritsche, and patented on 4 June 1986.


Turn Push puzzle
Turn Push puzzle


The Turn Push advertising puzzle of the Dutch Royal Navy


Designed by Serguei and Alexandre Bagdassarian


Kangaroo puzzle
Kangaroo puzzle


The Kangaroo puzzle 2008


In stock (3)

Space Shuttle Puzzle
Space Shuttle Puzzle

1.  The Space Shuttle Puzzle

     Slide the Capsule to the lower left hand corner


The name of the puzzle is "Stranded in Space" Can you rescue the astronaut ? Produced by Peter Pan Playing Things (1950 London)



Orb it
Orb it

The Orb-It invented by Christopher C. Wiggs & Christopher J. Taylor (patent 1982)


(The puzzle is slightly discolored)

Rolling Cubes puzzle
Rolling Cubes Puzzle

The Rolling Cubes Puzzle


The puzzle was invented by John Harris


(In stock (1)


Tenyo Beat the Comp. No 8
Tenyo Beat the Computer No. 8


This is the Tenyo Beat the Computer No 8


Also known as the Checkerboard puzzle


In Stock:  1 piece

Tenyo Beat the Computer Nr 783
Tenyo Pla puzzle Nr. 783


 The Tenyo puzzle "Pla puzzle No 783"


In Stock:  1 piece


Beat the Computer No 600
Tenyo Beat the Computer No 600


This is the Tenyo Beat the Computer No. 600


In stock:  1 piece

Beat the Computer no 5
Tenyo Beat the Computer No 5


This is the Tenyo Beat the Computer No 5.

A puzzle with only pentomino's


In stock:   1 piece

Disney Sliding puzzle
Disney Sliding puzzle

The Donald Duck Walt Disney Puzzle (1987) by Koninklijke Hausemann en Hotte nv

Try to move Donald Duck (Piece nr ) from one goal to the other goal by sliding the pieces.

Mint Man
Mint Man

1 Mint Man puzzle (1982) by Kelrack Ltd.

Magic square (21)
Magic square (21)

The Magic square sliding puzzle designed by Taquinze (Hans Janmaat)


In stock: 1

Escher Sliding puzzle
Escher Sliding Puzzle

A nice sliding puzzle "M.C. Escher" "E 128" design 1967

Made by Pussycat (Germany)

3D Moon and Earth
3D Moon and Earth
3D Space Alien
3D Space Alien

3D Sliding Puzzles


Moon and Earth puzzle and Space Alien puzzle

1. Rubik's puzzle ball             2. The Planet's puzzle             3. Slider Spot puzzle (2)


4. Magic Square halves (15)   5/6 Little Broken Heartpuzzle (front and back site)

1. IQ Block (stock 1)

The Smartphone puzzle

1. The Smartphone puzzle, (new)

    Just dial (slide) the right numbers

    Puzzle with 32 challenges 

1. Topspin                             2. Babylon tower (2)        


1. The Twisty puzzle             2. The Hungarian Ring (2)        2. The Barrel puzzle

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